Specializations in MBA

Specializations in MBA

MBA stands Master of Business Administration. It is a postgraduate degree in business administration. At the present time, an MBA is the most popular professional degree in the world. It was firstly introduced in the United States around the 20th century.MBA is not only restricted to business but also in other areas such as governance, private industry, and public sector. Doing MBA is highly beneficial as it develops management skills, offers a high salary, one can start up their own company and MBA aboard helps gain on how business is handled and get an experience of the new place and culture and increases international business career options. MBA has become quite a popular degree nowadays as it helps in gaining more knowledge, and pay high salaries to MBA graduates. Today most people look for the top IIMs for doing an MBA.

MBA in information Technology

There are various MBA specializations in India

Finance management: Financial management is determined in preparation and controlling the financial resources of any industry. Students can get jobs in sectors like corporate banking, sales and trading, private equity, treasury, stock market corporate finance and etc.

Energy management: This particular specialization focuses on the management of energy corporations; this field has an enormous possibility for development, expansion, and management in a country like India. Students can contact many companies in the following sector after the completion of this specialization like oil marketing, power generation, power transmission, power distribution, energy sector consulting services, and many more.

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Telecom Management: Telecom management courses help to enhance anyone’s career enormously. This course helps students to put into practice new technologies, understand networking systems, develop cross-functional skills for leadership, and should know how to design networks. Candidate can get a job in telecom regulation, telecom consulting, project management, program management, network planning and etc.

Human Resource Management: HR management focuses on policies and systems, industrial relations, harmonious employees, development, performance appraisal, and balancing of organizational practices. So a degree in HR management will help one get knowledge about human resources in a way that leads to the success of a company. Job opportunities after MBA in HR management are recruiter, human resources manager, payroll specialist, and many more.

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Textile Management: Textile industry is the largest industry after agriculture. It has a wide scope of employment for the people. The textile management program is to convey information to students and make them create delightful magic with clothing material. A degree in textile management may be approved as a business administration degree as many students wish to become textile manufacturers or other business owners who focus on textile production. Employment opportunity under textile management includes- marketing, customer relations, technical sales, human resources, and many more.

  • IT management
  • Operation management
  • Business analytics
  • Production management
  • Communication management
  • Rural management
  • Brand Management
  • Tourism Management
  • Production Management
  • Fashion Management

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