MHRD Scholarships

MHRD Scholarships

Ministry of human resource and development is the former ministry of education that is in charge of the development of human resources in India. Currently, MHRD works in the course of two different departments and both departments work for the upliftment and welfare of educational principles across the nation and they are:

Department of school education and literacy in Higher Education.

Apart from planning and executing new education plans and policy, MHD offers diverse scholarships. Under MHRD the scholarships such as central sector scholarship, national and external scholarships are specified for students.
Different departments run the national level scholarships under MHRD and external level scholarships are presented in association with the government of different overseas countries under educational programs. MHRD not only makes it possible for the students of India to study in India with national-level scholarships but also provides them with external scholarships to study in other countries as well as China, Mexico, United Kingdom, and many more.

Different scholarships offered by MHRD are:

  • Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship for college and university students- presented at National Level
  • Prime Minister Special Scholarship Scheme (PMSSS) for Jammu Kashmir- presented at National Level
  • Commonwealth Scholarships in the United Kingdom- presented at External Level
  • New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships- offered at External Level
  • National Scheme of Incentive to Girls for Secondary Education (NSIGSE) – offered at National Level
  • Italian Government Scholarships- offered at External Level
  • Ms. Agatha Harrison Memorial Fellowship- presented at External Level
  • National Means cum Merit Scholarship- offered at National Level
  • Prime Ministers Research Fellowship (PMRF) – offered at National Level
  • Brazilian Government Scholarships- offered at External Level
  • Presidential Scholarships, Sri Lanka- offered at External Level
  • AICTE Pragati Scholarship for Girls- offered at National Level
  • AICTE- Saksham Scholarship Scheme- presented at National Level
  • Chinese Government Scholarships- offered at External Level
  • South Korean Government Scholarships- offered at External Level
  • Japanese Government Scholarships- presented at External Level
  • Mexican Government Scholarships- presented at External Level

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