Minority Scholarships to Study in the USA

Minority Scholarships to Study in the USA

According to studies conducted by many organizations across the world it has been found out that a large chunk of the US student population comprises minority students from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds. To qualify for the tag of a minority student you need to be a first-generation immigrant or possibly the only one in your family who has qualified to apply for colleges. Many colleges recently have started to launch women-centric programs and inculcate the feeling of inclusion by providing special benefits for the LGBTQ community. Scholarships for minority students are restricted to a particular race or ethnicity and students sharing multiple ethnicities can also qualify for the scheme. These scholarships are not just limited to the US citizens but can also hold good for candidates not living in the US or having a different country of residence. Some scholarships do not require one to be a US citizen and the rules generally vary quite a lot from one institution to another.

The types of scholarships being offered vary on quite a large basis ranging from academic scholarships to athletic scholarships to even need-based ones. If you are looking for a scholarship to financially help you out make sure you have the required academic background, performance statistics, and desired skill set. And it’s not just educational institutions that provide scholarships, business organizations, corporations, charitable organizations, and many minority advocacy groups offer multiple scholarship opportunities. Some of the minority sections which can apply for the scholarship are as follows:

African-American Scholarships: This is a scholarship that is plainly centered on ethnicity and tends to reach out to those who are under-represented in society. Some of the popular names in this field include the United Negro College Fund and the National Assistance for the Advancement of Colored People.

Hispanic/Latino Scholarships: As the name suggests this targeted towards students belongs to Hispanic or Latino sections of the society. Some common names include the Ronald McDonald House Charities or the Adelante Fund.

American-Indian/Native American Scholarships: The number of actual Native Americans still surviving up to date is quite low leading to the need for having special amenities designed just for them. Native American scholarships witness quite lesser amounts of competition than those of Latin American or Hispanic ones. Some scholarships, however, can be restricted to only certain tribes such as the Cherokee, Choctaw, Creek, Chickasaw or Seminole tribes.

Asian/Pacific Islander Scholarships: Usually most Asian and Pacific Islander communities are often mistaken to be similar, however they quite a lot when it comes to geographical and cultural conditions. This fast-growing body of students within the US education scene and requires quite a bit of attention towards their development. Some of the existing charities catering to this group include the Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund.

Hence if you are a student interested in pursuing their education in the US, it is extremely crucial that you keep a lookout for various scholarships that are offered by each institution and the requirements that each one of them specifies.

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