NALSAR University of Law

NALSAR University of Law

Given the shift towards less popular fields of education in recent times, the law has gained quite a lot of attention amongst the student populace as a prospective career option. So why law? Apart from the legal hassles that every community gets itself into and hence the ever-existing demand, it is safe to assume that the market place is already saturated with quite a high population of engineers and doctors. This holds extremely true for India where not enough jobs are being created for the engineering graduates who have led to many students now turning to other fields of education to make a good career out of them.

NALSAR University of Law, also known as the National Academy of Legal Studies and Research is one of the top law universities in the country, located in Hyderabad, Telangana it was established in 1988 by an Act of the State Legislative Assembly by the then state of Andhra Pradesh. It was one of the very first universities in India to target only law professionals and stands a proud memoir of that fact. The university offers a variety of undergraduate programs in law and postgraduate programs in business administration. It is also reputed to have with various universities all across the globe.

Entrance into the undergraduate program happens solely on the basis of the Common Law Admission Test, which is taken by thousands of students all across the country. It offers a five-year integrated program in the B.A LL.B program. NALSAR has only 120 open seats which are quite rigorous and selective. NALSAR also follows the popular credit-based elective system which has been made popular in India by the engineering colleges and consists of a mix of both mandatory and elective courses. A student needs to earn 200 credits before he/she graduates.

NALSAR also has quite a limited number of seats when it comes to its postgraduate programs, offering only about 50 seats to domestic candidates and 10 for foreign individuals. Around ten areas of subject specialization are offered, and the program also includes a dissertation. Apart from these two major courses, self-financed a master’s degree in Business Laws and Administration is offered alongside a one year course pertaining to Master of Philosophy and a Doctor of Philosophy. Starting from 2013-14, the University has also opened up its own two years MBA programs. NALSAR also provides a plethora of PG Diploma courses from a vast array of subjects such as Patent Law, Cyber Laws, Media Laws, and International Humanitarian Laws which use the help of modern technology and different contact centers across the nation to serve as a direct source of education.

The university also provides a lot of innovative and conventional choices apart from the routine syllabus contents like Aviation, Space and Telecommunications, GIS, and Remote Sensing. Its main objective is to open up its students to vast sources of commercialization and opportunities this can provide its students for the future. So if you’re someone who is looking to do something rather special with your career, NALSAR definitely acts a good choice of university.

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