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India has a large number of research centers dedicated to the sole purpose of expanding field, research, and tech work. Out of the many exemplary centers in the Nation National Centre for Cell Science stands as one of the foremost centers that provide ample research and progress to the knowledge front of the Nation. It is essentially an autonomous organization but receives sufficient help from the department of biotechnology (which falls under the Government of India).

The National Centre for Cell Science is not a state but a national level Bio-tech-tissue-Engineering research center. It is also a tissue banking research center. NCS is located at Savitribai Phule Pune University. The campus is in Pune. Gopal C Kundu is presently the director of the institute and looks into the work and progress of the center.

Established in 1986. The institute was previously known as the National Facility for Animal Tissue and Cell Culture. Out of the few presents, this happens to be one of the foremost research centers that work on cell-culture, immunology, chromatin-remodeling, and cell-repository. The institute moves on to focus on basic research and training. As far as the research subjects are considered, it provides extensive work in the national repository for cell lines and hybridomas.

The NCCS continues to expand its tech-space and field of knowledge to strengthen and make progress of basic research in different areas such as cancer biology, cell biology, proteomics, and genomics. Apart from following the mandate of being a national repository of animal cell-culture and researching cell-biology, it moves on to work as an institute that builds human resources and development. It strives to work on increasingly important health issues such as cancer, metabolic and infectious diseases. It also works on the particular field of regenerative medicine.

As for techniques of research, NCS works primarily with modern cutting-edge technology which includes structural and computational biology, proteomics and genomics, stem cell biology, and microbiology. Out of the endless facilities it appears to have “ it has a set of fluorescent activated cell sorters, Mass spectrometry, and Bioimaging facility. The Bio-Imaging Facility is complete with an advanced Spectral Confocal Microscope, with a programmable CO2 incubator.

It has a temperature-humidity control, and the system comprises of fully motorized Fluorescence microscope which is used for confocal and FRAP, Live Imaging, and many others. There is an allotted staff who are in charge of every system present at the center. The team for the Bio-imaging facility is Dr. A. N. Atre and Mrs. T. P. Kulkarni.

Almost every research work by the many minds at NCS has gained recognition. The scientists have often received recognition through publications and journals. A few of them have even received worldwide recognition. To name a few awards one can consider the Padmashree and the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar.

One may avail or contact the center through the mail, fax or call “ The contacts are as follows:-
Phone: +91-20-2570 8000
Fax:+91-20-2569 2259
The address for the center is – NCCS Complex
Savitribai Phule Pune University Campus
Ganeshkhind Road
Pune – 411007
Maharashtra State, India

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