Nuclear Engineering Colleges in India

Nuclear Engineering Colleges in India

Nuclear technology is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. It showed us that we could potentially control our physical universe to the extent of bare atoms and how much we could do by controlling the smallest particles known to us. Nuclear engineering is a branch of engineering that concerns itself with studying nuclear fission and fusion and how to use them to produce energy. Fission means the breaking of atomic nuclei while fusion refers to the combining of two atomic nuclei to produce a new atomic nucleus. Fission and fusion are an integral part of nuclear physics.

Nuclear engineering uses nuclear physics to create nuclear technology that can be used in many areas. Even particle accelerators use nuclear physics to try and create new elements. The ideas of nuclear fission and nuclear fusion aren’t new, but it isn’t easy to create perfect environments for nuclear fission and fusion. This is the challenge of nuclear engineering. There is a lot of theory but not much practicality to the principles as of yet. We have created seemingly futuristic stuff with nuclear physics. Nuclear energy generation is seen as the future of energy production all around the world. The only thing that is stopping us from achieving full control of nuclear technology is the lack of resources. Chemicals such as uranium which are crucial in nuclear technology are rare to find on earth, and the resources required for experimenting aren’t cheap. Nuclear engineering requires a heavy reliance on theory to produce technology and this is a challenge because nuclear engineers aren’t fully exposed to the present technology as they are very expensive and arent found everywhere.

Nuclear engineering is offered at many levels in India and many universities offer it in different departments. The eligibility for getting into an undergraduate course is the completion of the 12th class along with an entrance exam such as JEE. Nuclear engineering isn’t as popular as its other engineering counterparts and so not as many colleges offer nuclear engineering. But, many colleges provide a lot of resources to create good nuclear engineers. Some of the top universities offering the course in India are IIT Bombay, IIT Kanpur, Pandit Deendalay Petroleum University in Gujarat, School of Nuclear energy Gandhinagar, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Mumbai, Sastra University and IIT Madras. There are many other universities all around India providing the course and the number of such colleges is rapidly increasing due to the rise in popularity of the course.

Nuclear engineers are one of the highest-paid engineers in India. This is due to the lack of professionals in the field and an increasing number of jobs. Nuclear engineers deal with the process, construction, design, and other aspects of nuclear projects. They are crucial to energy generation and space research programs. Nuclear waste management is one of the most popular things that need immediate attention all around the world and nuclear engineers are crucial to all of this. Hence, they are paid a heap load and job safety is also high in the field. The field is surely showing signs of long term growth and people interested in the course need not worry about prospects as currently, it is one of the most sought after engineering courses around the globe. The future of nuclear engineering seems bright and is probably going to get better as time progresses.

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