Occupational Therapy Courses

Occupational Therapy Courses

Occupational therapy courses are the courses for those who wish to practice as occupational therapists. In order to get into this course, one has to complete a relevant UG (undergraduate) and PG (postgraduate) course. After completing the course graduates are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council.

Occupational therapy courses typically lead to professionals, one definitely will have required skills for this course but he or she should also possess how to use special equipment, communication skills, how to manage and develop therapeutic groups, and how to design adaptations for living environments.

The degree that offers these courses is BSc. Occupational therapy, MSc. Occupational therapy and PG. Occupational therapy, one has to pre-register for MSc and PG occupational therapy courses or degree. You will get a maximum of professional job opportunities in this course.


These are the top three colleges in India that provide occupational therapy courses.
You should have a lot of patience and concentration to pursue this course. One must have a Masters in Occupational Therapy (MOT) in order to get more knowledge in occupational therapy. To get admission to Masters in Occupational Therapy (MOT) the candidate should have passed Bachelor’s in Occupational Therapy (B.O.Th.) from an institution with at least 50% marks in the UG exam. The salary varies according to location and experience. The average annual pay for a physiotherapist in India might range from Rs.94000 to Rs.7,15,000.

More than one-third of occupational therapists work part-time. In most of the rehabilitation centers, occupational therapists work in a spacious room filled with machines and other devices which generate noise. This job might be tiring because you all time have to be in foot.

Occupational therapists in recent times are increasing takes the supervisor roles and students are encouraged to do this course to get flourished because nowadays due to an increase in technology people nowadays are getting so many diseases and due to this, therapists are nowadays getting a number of customers per day.

The occupational therapists get a maximum of salary as they work full time and also the part-time basis in hospitals or rehabilitation centers. Graduate occupational therapists will get a maximum of 10,000 to 20,000 per month, and if its a professional occupational therapist then they get thrice or four times that of the graduate therapists. Though there is a slow growth of salary in occupational therapy slowly there will be an increase in salary year by year and also month after month.

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