Periyar University

Periyar University

Periyar University is a university in Salem, Tamil Nadu. It was established by the government of Tamil Nadu in 1997. It is named after a social reformer Thanthai Periyar E. V. Ramasamy. The government of Tamil Nadu established this institute or university at Salem on 17th September 1997. The Periyar University Salem offers numerous higher education distance education courses through Distance Education (PRIDE). It was established by the Government of Tamil Nadu in 1997. PRIDE has more than six hundred study centers all over India and seven abroad. In our information Students know about various course information about Periyar University Distance Education, you can get full info about fee structure, and admission process & contact details. The PRIDE has been started there a function from the year 2001-2002. University offers various Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses.

The undergraduate courses that are offered by Periyar University are B.A.Education, B.A.Hindi, B.A.English, B.A.Political Science, B.A.History, B.A.Journalism, B.A.Economics, B.Com, B.Sc.Mathematics, B.Sc.Computer Science, B.C.A. The duration for each course at Periyar University is 3 full years. The postgraduate courses in this university include M.A.Tamil, M.A.History, M.A.Human Rights, M.A.Journalism and Mass Communication, M.A.Public Administration, M.A.Political Science, M.Com. In the postgraduate courses, all course duration is of two full years.

The fee information is as follows B.Sc. Computer Science and B.C.A for the first year is Rs. 5110, and second, third year is Rs.5500. For B.Sc. Computer Science and B.C. The fee for the first year is Rs. 8610 for the second and third year is Rs.8000, and for postgraduate, the fee structure is as follows for M.A.Journalism & Mass Communication for the first year is Rs. 6590, and also the second year is Rs.6870. For M.A.Journalism & Mass Communication from Periyar.

You also have diploma courses at this university; you have a diploma in mass communication and a diploma in hotel management, diploma courses are for 1 full year and the fee structure is as follows, for a degree in mass communication the fee is Rs.8110 per year and for the diploma in hotel management the fee structure is Rs.7100 per year.
The M.Phil courses are as follows; Tamil, commerce, history, mathematics, management studies, computer sciences, botany, zoology, economics, statistics English, sociology, education, physics, chemistry, microbiology, biotechnology. The duration for all the M.Phil courses is for 1 full year and the total fee structure for all the M.Phil courses is Rs.7150 per year.

The fee structure in the university is shallow and it is so very helpful for those people who are not able to afford for one of the basic need (i.e.) the education, it is utmost essential for one to have a certificate of an undergraduate degree to get placed in a secured job. This university like other universities also gives you immense opportunities and experiences and it’s in one’s hand to grab it, ending with a frequent saying if one can study well he or she just needs a teacher no matter what the institution is or how the infrastructure is.

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