Photography Courses

Photography Courses

Do pictures speak louder than words to you? Do images fascinate you? Are you more of a bright color or more of a monochromatic person? Then look no further; photography is undoubtedly the way for you. Even though photography is not a choice for everyone it can manifest itself into an exciting hobby and with a well-armed arsenal of skills might also turn out to be a lucrative career option in the long run. Photography in itself is not a particularly complex stream; however, it is filled with a multitude of nuances and niches that one can specialize in.

The following are some of the photography courses that one can opt for to further fuel their interests:

  • Press Photography: As the name suggests this comes in use during national and local presses, and the photos are often published in a large number of sources.
  • Feature Photography: Feature photography is a specialized field of work that is most often used for supplementing images to assist documentaries or pictorials. These are commonly used to portray normal people, habitats, scenes, etc.

  • Editorial Photography: This course is specially designed to cater to the demands for pictures that accompany a suitable article. This is often utilized for periodicals and magazines.
  • Commercial Photography: This mostly deals with taking photographs of buildings, machinery, or merchandise mostly seen in company brochures, annual reports, and selling.
  • Portrait/Wedding Photography: One of the most common means of utilizing photographic skills is to help people capture and preserve their memories in the form of pictures. This strictly deals with taking photographs of humans only.

  • Advertising Photography: This is mostly used to provide pictures for catalogs, ads, billboards, mail order, etc.

  • Fashion Photography: As the name suggests most commonly used for modeling agencies, shoots, and runways organized by fashion houses, magazines, etc.
  • Fine Arts Photography: This course slightly deviates from mainstream photography and deals with taking pictures that involve a high amount of detailing and creativity.

  • Digital Photography: This utilizes various digital mediums to take and edit photographs. This has been a field that has been gaining a lot of popularity as well.

  • Nature and Wildlife Photography: Perhaps one of the more popular courses in photography, as the name suggests this involves capturing pictures of wildlife and flora in their natural habitat. This course provides a highly rewarding experience and offers a lot of opportunities to travel.

  • Forensic Photography: This is not a widely known course but holds a lot of potential as a career option. This deals with taking detailed pictures of crime scenes and victims with a lot of emphases are laid on very minute details.

  • Freelancing Photography: As the name suggests, this is more of a self-employed course, where you are equipped with the basic skills of photography and can venture out to find your commission work.

Photography: All Details Explained

The objective of a photography course is not just to click pictures but to convey a deeper meaning and perspective to the observer.

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