Photography Jobs In India

Photography Jobs In India

Photography is one of the most creative and artistic job, meant for individuals who like to experiment and present various ideas in representation style.
Various kinds of photography jobs are now at availability. Along with the regular representation of artistic photographs these newly found photography jobs primarily surround brand identity, presentation of the collection, or ideating concepts.

The various Photography Jobs available in India are :

  1. Graphic Design: it primarily is visual arts communication via various tools of photography like graphics, Photoshop, or photography.
  2. Media Production: It is meant for photographers who understand brand identity and present upcoming collections for various clients.
  3. Cinematography: It is a unique opportunity to work in varied films and film sets to help the directors vision to come alive in the film.
  4. Artistic Photography: It is an opportunity to work closely on exhibitions and various opportunities to display still photography.
  5. Video Photography: As the name suggests. It is all about recording as per your clientele or director if you are working under one,
  6. Street Photography: With the advent of YouTube. Street photography is all about bringing forth street life. Be it the various art on street or commercialism or various lifestyle.
  7. Product Photography: It is meant for an artistic photographer who is equipped with presentation ideas for products that are to be displayed on various websites or magazines.
  8. Wedding Photography: It is all about capturing a wedding with a long guest list.
  9. Food Photography: It is all about clicking mouth-watering pictures of food to create a make-believe world for the viewers.
  10. Wildlife Photography: The creative and artistic photographer who has a flair for optimal still and video photography on wildlife.

A good photographer has to have a deep understanding of everything about photography. He/She must have a deep understanding of the brand identity along with the ability of ideating concepts for the presentation of the existing and upcoming collection and must also have experimental display ideas.
They must also be excellent in photoshop, color correction, masking, retouching, album layout designing.

Photography: All Details Explained

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