Photography: All you Need to Know

Photography: All you Need to Know

As we all know photography is an art of creating images to depict a story and to create memories. Creating a photo or image is not easy as you think, first, you need to select or create a situation to get a perfect picture, second, you have to locate the perfect place for your situation, thirdly you have to wait for the perfect time (i.e.) sunrise or sunset or noon etc¦ and lastly, you have to click the picture and you have to check whether its the perfect shot or not. You have to do these many jobs before clicking a picture.
Photography can be a powerful tool to describe a story. To take the best photographs in the field of travel photography, you should have a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera. Three important things you should know about the camera is the aperture, shutter speed, ISO.

  • Aperture: Inside a lens, there is a hole that lets light pass through the camera sensor, this hole is referred to as aperture. Aperture can change its size, bigger the aperture more the light passes and smaller the aperture less amount of light passes in.
  • Shutter-speed: – This is the nominal time in which the shutter will be open at a given setting.
  • ISO: – International Standard Organisation measures the sensitivity of the image sensor.

No formal education is required to become a photographer, but one should at least know two to three languages for more experience.

To know there are 15 types of photography :

  1. WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY: – Wedding photography is images relating to wedding activities. One has to know about all the cultures, traditions, and rituals to know the perfect timing of the wedding, and should also focus on the bride and groom to click many images. Photographs are the best part of weddings.
  2. EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY: – Event photography is clicking pictures in an ongoing event. It might be a political event, sports event, or any other daily events that happen in or around the city. Mostly those who pursue journalism or event management will be knowing about event photography.
  3. PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY: – Portrait photography is capturing an image of a person or a group of people by using an effective light source.
  4. PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY: – It is a type of photography that attractively represents a product for advertising. As I said before here also a photographer needs a lot of time to select a situation, place, and time.
  5. FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY: – Fine art photography is created in the vision of the artist as a photographer. An example image of beautiful art photography: –
  6. FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY: – Fashion photography is photography that is used to display clothes and other fashion products.
  7. ARCHITECTURAL PHOTOGRAPHY: – It is nothing but capturing buildings, structures, or monuments that depicts or represents your structure.
  8. TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY: – Travel photography is the documentation of covering areas landscape, cultures, or traditions that involve travel.
  9. LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHY: – It is a type of photography that mainly captures people in situations or real-life scenarios. It is also called as candid photography.
  10. PHOTOJOURNALISM: – This is another type of photography that will be familiar to those who are pursuing journalism. Photojournalism is another opportunity given in the field of photography, here students or journalists mainly cover the political events or events that are related to their news.
  11. PET PHOTOGRAPHY: – Pet photography is an art of perfectly capturing your pets or any other animals.
  12. SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHY: – It is a type of photography that captures all types of sports.
  13. AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY: – It is a type of photography that is taken from aircraft or any flying object.
  14. SCIENTIFIC PHOTOGRAPHY: – This photography is used to take pictures that illustrate scientific or medical data.
  15. STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY: – It is a photograph of familiar places, nature, or people that are brought and sold on a royalty-free basis and can also be used for commercial purposes.

Photography: All Details Explained

Though most of the people love photography there are some who keenly wants to pursue this and become professional, for those who want to become a professional, you guys have to make sure about all these types of photography and it’s important for you all to maintain a portfolio and you all should also be dynamic to adjust wherever you go.

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