Physiotherapy Course

Physiotherapy Course

A physiotherapist are the medical professionals who help in the rehabilitation of patient by helping them in their physical movement and treating who are injured and disabled thus help in recovering the full function and evolution of the body.
Physiotherapist requires in-depth knowledge about the anatomy and the musculature of the body without which proper treatment would not be possible.

  • Do you really know who are physiotherapists and what do they do? We guess you do not, so let us share some knowledge about the new upcoming field of medicine in India.
  • This therapy includes medication stretching exercising and massaging patient’s body parts which are working abnormally than the others.
  • The physiotherapist must have special skills for communicating with their patient such as compassion, friendliness, patience. They must keep close physical contact with their patient to ensure that proper treatment of the particular body part is being done.

So what do the physiotherapists treat?

Patients having medical conditions or problems like hemiplegia, paralysis and polio, pain management, or any muscle spasm which affects there body movement are treated by these professionals.

What are the courses under physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy generally includes various courses like undergraduate and postgraduate. There are various diplomas also being offered in this field.
You can opt for bachelor’s in physiotherapy or BPT which is much more preferred than Bachelors’s in science or BPT is a special course for Physiotherapy which requires 50% marks average in your 12th boards for getting an admission.
Diploma in Physiotherapy is another one year course which can help you to practice physiotherapy. For PG you can go for Masters in physiotherapy which is a 2-year course.

Top colleges providing Physiotherapy courses:

  • Apollo Physiotherapy College
  • JSS College of Physiotherapy Karnataka
  • Department of physical medicine and rehabilitation, Vellore
  • The Mahatma Gandhi University of Medical Education, Kerala
  • SDM College of physiotherapy Karnataka

What are the career aspects of physiotherapists in India?

  • A physiotherapist can find good jobs and thus have a bright future in India as people are more vigilant and are concerned about themselves and their family’s health.
  • A physiotherapist can have their private practice, work in hospitals or clinics, Community Health centers, fitness centers, can go for teaching, and can work in sports centers also.

  • Talking about the careers in this field do you know how much a physiotherapist will get paid? Let us find out that!

The salary of a physiotherapist varies according to the location of the sector and the institution. Any hospital-employed physiotherapist gets 10000 to 15000 per month whereas therapists who have their clinic get 20000 to 25000 per patient in a good locality.

So, if you are also interested in this course then go for it and make a living for yourself as the future is bright for a Physiotherapist in India. Students reading this article, we suggest you research the best suitable college for you and start your preparation for developing the required skills for being a good physiotherapist and helping people out there with physical difficulties.

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