Preparing for GMAT

Preparing for GMAT

The GMAT is an adaptive computer test (CAT) which is taken for admission into graduate management programs such as MBA. GMAT is a very popularly used entrance test for many MBA schools. GMAT is a CAT test meaning it adapts to the examinee’s skill level. CAT tests are also called simple tests. Hence, the questions one gets in GMAT are based on responses given on the previous set of questions and vary from one examiner to the other. This makes GMAT quite unpredictable. GMAT is based as an entrance exam by many top international business schools around the world, and it is the most popular of the entrance tests to get into any graduate management program.

The scores secured in the GMAT vary widely with the average score being 556 out of the total score of 800. More than 200,000 students and professionals take the GMAT every year. The GMAT can be taken five times per year and eight times at most. Although having a work experience doesn’t gain much on the test, if one cannot allocate all his time for the preparation of the test, one might not be able to get the score he/she wants. This is due to the simple fact that the test is unpredictable, and a sheer number of people appear for the test every year from around the world. The huge competition is one of the reasons why many top B-schools set a very high cut-off score for students. It is also crucial that one prepares thoroughly for the exam from at least 3 months prior to the exam date.

Test takers must set the date of the exam while registering for it and one must be careful to select a date that is not too inconvenient and not too far away as a nearer date might not have slots available and might require a faster preparation while selecting a farther date means one may not be able to write the exam number of times. The fee of USD $250 is not low for many people and so selecting a farther date isn’t a good or feasible option. So, one must manage their schedule intelligently to get the best score. The official GMAT study materials are also available on, the official site of GMAT, used for registration of the exam. These materials are crucial, and every participant must go through them at least once to get a firm grip on the test.
Mock tests are provided on many sites, some at a charge and some for free, which can be beneficial as they simulate the real exam. One can also learn to manage their time using these mock tests. While many institutions offer crash courses for GMAT preparation, one must prepare very hard and must find within themselves to passionately attempt as many mock tests as they can. The more materials one studies and the more mock tests one takes, the better their chances of securing a good score and eventually getting into a good business school. Learning, practice, and repeating is the only way to crack the GMAT, and one must take the help of all resources they have to get a good score.

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