Like any other scholarship, the Prerana Scholarship aims to help students who are keen on academics but suffer from certain set-backs mostly monetary.

For the benefit and growth of the innumerable students in Odisha who belong to those sections which are financially or economically weaker such as SC, ST, and Minorities the Prerana Scholarship or the Post Matric Scheme was introduced.
Applications essentially take place online, and candidates may fill up forms for Financial Assistance regarding ST Students in National Institutes, Post Matric Scholarship under the Financial Assistance Scheme, or simply for Post Matric Scholarship.

Social Welfare Scholarship

The scholarship is in its entirety a Government initiative and is hence largely sought after. It’s headed by the ST&SC development and minorities & backward classes welfare department, Government of Odisha. The same department sets the terms for the scholarship and acts as a liaison between the students and the government body.

Its term-setting also includes the criteria that the students must meet. The various degrees that one must hold can be any of the following “ A diploma, a +2 degree in the arts, sciences, and commerce, a +3 in,, Ba, and Masters in the same. It hence appears to have cast a broad net to appear essentially inclusive and provides chances to students from diverse fields.

Gate Scholarship

Having digitized the whole process

The Government of Odisha pushes for the entire process of applications and follow-up to be transformed into a feasible and more dependable way that is computerized. One of the various instructions stated as per the rules of the scholarship is quoted below –

The students who have failed to apply online during 2017-18 in the given time- frame and have applied manually are required to renew their application online through the Application ID created by District Welfare Officer.

The scholarship, however, follows strict rules for eligibility criteria of applications. Foremost, it applies only to those students who are residents and citizens of Odisha. The scholarship aims to help the progress of the students of only this state and no other. Apart from that, strict rules are adhering to the fact that only people who are financially backward in the eyes of the government can apply. One of the criteria, for instance, is that –

  • The annual family income of the ST/SC students should not exceed Rs.2,50,000/- per annum.

Once, considered eligible the scholarship funds almost all the expenses of the students.
It is said to cover 100% course fees and reimbursement of non-refundable compulsory fees. Hence, it guarantees a well-paid fund for the student who can secure herself/himself in the field of his subject and work further ahead indifferent to his family’s investment in terms of finance.

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Out of the various Indian Scholarships and grants “ Prerana Scholarship of Odisha naturally becomes a state-scholarship that aims to secure the progress of the students of its state. In consideration of a long-term goal, well-funded students typically add to the benefit and progress of the state and the nation at large.

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