Radiographer Salary in India

Radiographer Salary in India

A radiographer is a medical professional who works with new, cutting edge technologies to produce medical imagery such as X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, etc. to help radiologists and other doctors better visualize and diagnose a problem. A radiographer must know the medical and technical parts of the equipment they’re handling. Radiographers are crucial to the medical industry as new technologies are coming in every day. Radiographers not only know how to use a certain medical technology but also the things that might stop it from working on troubleshooting them and fix the machines. Radiographers are crucial to any major surgery and are needed in almost all major allopathic hospitals.

Many colleges offer a course in radiography. One might also choose to research in the field to create newer technologies. Radiography isn’t as complicated as engineering or medicine, and many can graduate it with ease. The only thing that differentiates a good radiographer from a mediocre one is exposure. A good radiographer is exposed to lots of new technologies while mediocre ones might know only the well-established ones. Radiographers are sorely needed across the world but because of it not being a science discipline, radiographers do not get paid highly, nor are they going to get any promotions due to the simple nature of their jobs.

Even though radiographer jobs do not need a high amount of work, they are crucial. Producing medical images is the first step in diagnosing any disease and many radiographers put up their radiography clinic for individuals to get routine checks and are independently run although they might be connected to hospitals for more clients. The machinery involved in radiography is very costly and is often very delicate. The machines are also dangerous under improper supervision. Take an MRI machine, for example, is very delicate and improper usage might lead to a wide variety of disease and sometimes even in the breaking of the machine. A radiographer’s job involves ensuring no harm is done to both patients and machines.

As medical imagery is necessary for almost any disease, the jobs of radiographers arent under any threats. The average salary of radiographers in India is around Rs. 10,000 per month. This is not as high as one might imagine, but the private sector offers high salaries and has flexible hours. A hospital often has multiple radiographers working shifts to keep up the hospital to a 24-hour run. Apart from salary, many radiographer jobs include many health benefits as they work for hospitals. To become a radiographer, one can apply to a radiography course that is generally a 2 year-long diploma or B.Sc in radiology which is 4 years long. Opportunities are higher in gulf countries which pay around Rs. 60,000 per month for radiographer jobs. The field is certainly a promising one as medical technology is growing rapidly. Just in the past decades, the world has seen dramatic leaps in technology, and it is only expected to continue. There is a demand for radiographers all around the world, and this demand is not going to stop. It provides a promising career and is surely one of the best jobs one could hope for.

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