S.C.D. Government College

Satish Chander Dhawan Government College which used to be called S.C.D. Government College also called Imperial College, Ludhiana, or Government College, Ludhiana, is one of the foremost educational and academic institutions situated as the name presupposes in Ludhiana, Punjab, India.

The college, like a few others in the state, offers a wide range of academic preferences spanning courses in the Humanities, Commerce, and Science. One may avail of either a graduate course or a post-graduate course. Out of the various subjects and courses available, S.C.D. offers 16 basic courses 

  • B.A., BCOM, B.S.C. (Medical and Non-Medical)
  • B.B.A., B.C.A., MA in English, Hindi, geo, and Punjabi
  • M.S.C. in Math,
  • Mcom, MSc (IT), MSc in Physics.

As its history goes – S.C.D. Government College established in 1920 as Imperial College, Ludhiana later turned Government College, Ludhiana. In 1976 once again it was renamed S.C.D. Government College by the Government of Punjab.
It was done so due to Satish Dhawan, who is an alumnus of the college. A lot of Punjabs stalwart names are from the same college. A few being renowned Urdu poet Sahir Ludhianvi and Arshpreet Bhullar, a basketball player. Its alumni are hence noteworthy.

Being a government college, it is placed under Punjab University, Chandigarh, and follows the curriculum and syllabus of the same University. The fees are usually in and around 25,000 at the first installment. The amounts vary depending on the courses and the subjects. The college is also NAAC-accredited.

The college can be contacted through e-mail, phone, and fax –
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: 0161-2444988
Fax: 0161-2448899

The college receives a vast number of applications per year, and the number seems to be forever on the rise. Naturally, the college filters out amidst its applications and sets cut-offs both in lieu of the university standards and its own limits and standards. In 2014, for instance, “ 18,500 admission forms were received whereas there were only 31,00 seats over all the courses that the college offers. The B.B.A. course received 750 applications while it had a total of 70 seats and the B.C.A. course saw 432 students applying whereas there were only 40 students. To date, there appears to be a large number of students applying and the college having to go through a selection process that takes only as many students as it can guarantee seats too. It has a proper interview system that allows the faculty and the board to make these decisions.

One of the foremost issues that the college however faces is the fact that it does not have a proper hostel facility and or any other form of lodging for the students. However, it is a neat facility and campus which provides space for the proper teaching of all the courses and the subjects. As a whole, the college still stands as one of the preferred colleges when it comes to the choices of the students, and it has a known and well-versed faculty for almost all its courses. It naturally becomes a stalwart college in its state.

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