School of Communication and Management Studies

School of Communication and Management Studies

School of Communication and Management Studies (SCMS), Cochin. This is one of the top B-Schools in India and was also awarded as Best B-School in Kerala. SCMS institute also links academic alliance with the foreign universities. This institute was founded in 1976 by G.P.C.Nair with funding from Prathap Foundation for Education Training and the principal of this institution is G. Sashi Kumar and is located in Nalukettu, Kerala.

Most media and communication degrees accept applicants from a variety of different academic backgrounds, one should have good grades in the previous studies, and you may be asked to attend an interview after shortlisting for according to your grades in the last degree. Most interviews will be done through telephone or skype if you are far away or in any difficult situation or else you will be facing the personal interview.

Courses in communication and management studies are typically taught through a combination of lectures, seminars, screenings, and various practical sessions, activities, and assessments. In the first year, most of the modules will be introduced theoretically and later practically.

Courses or programs that are offered in SCMS are: –

  1. Human Resources
  2. Finance
  3. Marketing
  4. Insurance and banking
  5. Advertising
  6. Wealth
  7. Retailing and merchandise
  8. Knowledge
  9. Public Relations
  10. Operations
  11. Systems Administration
  12. International Business
  13. Foreign Trade
  14. Supply Chain
  15. Hospital Management

These are the top 15 courses that are offered in SCMS. One should have a minimum aggregate of 50% marks, a minimum of 60% in CAT, or a score of over 400 in MAT.
Placements in this college are from – Deloitte, Vodafone, Wipro, Kotak, CCD, Catholic Syrian Bank, ICIC, HDFC, IDBI, AI ESSA, COCA-COLA, THOMAS COOK.
School of communication and management studies gives you immense opportunities, either in the field of communication or in the field of management studies.


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