Science or Commerce?

Science or Commerce?

Many have thought about the differences between choosing science or commerce as their career options. An Indian student has to generally decide the stream they choose just after 10th grade. Some students are not well informed and some choose one field because of force from parents or guardians. But, it is important to know the key differences between the fields and contrast them to get a clearer picture of which field might suit a student the best. Both the fields have a growing number of students and are certainly the top priorities in India compared to other courses such as humanities. But, they do lead to different paths and different opportunities.

Science streams deal with more technology-oriented learning. Science stream offers branches into fields like medicine, engineering, etc. Science is surely the most popular choice in India and the most elite colleges of India, the IITs offer courses in engineering and science streams. Science streams need more analytical thinking and problem-solving approach to succeed and students interested in learning how things work should join this stream as it will surely suit them.

Commerce, on the other hand, is the second most popular stream in India and has a wide range of courses to it too such as Charted Accountant which seems to be the most popular Commerce course in India. Commerce jobs rely heavily on math and sometimes, law. Economics is surely the core part of the curriculum. People who are good with numbers and are interested in working more towards an intersection of science and law should join this stream. Commerce is not as traditional as science in many colleges and the method of teaching might vary from college to college too.

The Science stream offers jobs that are not much secure but have good pay while commerce jobs are more secure and offer decent pay. The number of jobs in commerce is not as high as the science stream is broader and deals with a lot of different applications. Commerce is surely a more concentrated course and does create more able professionals. Commerce has higher average pay jobs compared to the Science stream but the number of job opportunities is not that high. As is with any course, the career opportunities after graduation depend mostly on the college of graduation and the area of expertise. A good look at the statistics of previous decades will show that the Science stream provides higher employment with a lower average salary while it is quite the opposite with the Commerce stream.
There is no field that is the winner in this contest. Both science and commerce are crucial to any country as one drives the innovation while the other drives the economy. There are many factors to be taken into consideration while choosing one of these two fields. The best way of choosing is to see which one seems more interesting to an individual because at the end of the day, interest and passion, and the only things that are important in learning anything. Science is more popular but commerce is catching up. Job opportunities in commerce are also rising.

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