Sentence Correction GMAT

Sentence Correction GMAT

In the present generation candidates or students from different streams wants to pursue an MBA degree as a post-graduate degree because an MBA degree is always valuable when it comes to earning knowledge as well as money. To pursue MBA (i.e.) Masters in Business Administration from out of India one should clear GMAT (i.e.) Graduate Management Admission Test. Now comes the question of “What is the GMAT exam?, The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) exam is nothing but a computer adaptive test which is done to check certain talents like analytical thinking, quantitative writing, aptitude thinking, writing skills, etc.

In GMAT sentence correction it checks your overall knowledge of grammar, the style, and way you use your language skills. There are generally or approximately 13 to 14 questions out of 41 questions in the verbal section in the GMAT exam. You definitely have to work smartly than hardly because working on more than 100 questions for these questions cannot make you win the 13 to 14 questions, only smartness can make you win these 13 to 14 questions.

Lets now get to know about the GMAT exam; the Graduate Management Admission Test is a three-and-a-half-hour exam paper that is set to showcase your talent to get into Masters in Business Administration (MBA), a post-graduate course which is in high demand nowadays.

There are several types of questions one faces in the GMAT exam. Let’s get to know about the different types of questions that one will face in their Graduate Management Admission Test. The first one is Analytical Writing and Integrated Reasoning, the analytical writing assessment will consist of one 30 minute essay type question and the integrated reasoning will consist of four types of question which are graphic interpretation, the multi-score reasoning, the two-part analysis, and the table analysis; in this one will mostly have sub-questions like under question number 1 one will have three sub-questions a, b, c and this is how you will face the first type of question.

Secondly, one will be facing a quantitative section, this section consists of problem-solving and data sufficiency and one will face a maximum of 31 questions in this part and one will also require a lot of time to solve this part. One can expect 17 to 18 questions for problem-solving and the rest for data sufficiency. Here questions are difficult and require a lot of time, one will definitely have to allow time at least a maximum of one and a half minutes for a question and not more than that.
Thirdly, one will face the verbal section, this section consists of sentence correction, critical reasoning, and reading comprehension. It is not as easy as you might think, this is the place where the question paper setter will use a lot of time to create tricky questions, you have to be careful while answering these questions. You will approximately be facing 36 questions and you should take a minute or less than a minute to solve these questions.

The last one is the experimental questions that you will face in all the three types of sections mentioned above. You will face three, six, and three in quantitative, verbal, and integrated reasoning respectively.

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