Essay on Sometimes the Heart Sees What’s Invisible to the Eye

A well-known quote “Sometimes the Heart Sees What’s Invisible to the Eye” by H. Jackson Brown paints a very evocative picture of the human psyche. It is quite easy to comprehend the meaning behind this quote- emotions are things that cannot always be understood by the human brain. Only the heart can tap into it. While the eyes give humans the gift of vision, but it is the heart that defines us as genuinely humane. One of the most prominent instances of this quote can be summarized in the belief of religion. While cannot see religious deities, one cannot definitely justify this using their heart and conscience.

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Love, familial bonds, affection, friendship all this cannot exactly be portrayed by logical reasoning, but are emotions felt by us and are often things that define us. The eyes can admire the world around us; however, it’s the heart that can genuinely reach out to grasp more profound meanings. The current generation views everything and everyone by the outer cover but often fails to appreciate the true beauty of fellow human beings and things. The very core of humanity is the heart, without this living in harmony would have been impossible and the world would have been an extremely unfriendly place to live in this truly giving meaning to sometimes the heart sees what’s invisible to the eye in its purest form.

While pretty aesthetics do satisfy the eye it does not fill the heart. A kind act speaks volumes about a person rather than the emphasis being laid on materialistic gains. A compassionate heart reaches out to not only humans but innocent animals and is essential to a peaceful survival. Some of the best names in history have been kind people, paving the way for future generations. Take the instance of Mother Teresa, a visionary who changed the way we look at destitute. Florence Nightingale strived day and night to tend to those wounded in battle.

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Some random acts of kindness that have been going around would include initiatives like the “Make a Wish” phenomenon which enables random strangers to fulfill requests of young kids. Some other acts of kindness would include people donating to ensure better working conditions for soldiers across the globe. There are communities all across the globe who strive to provide clean drinking water and sanitation for impoverished sections of the society. Some organizations involve charity work to help poor couples to get married and of course, there is the case of many institutions providing free education for poor kids. With the spiraling economic crisis, many people have lost their livelihoods and homes, wherein others have come together to provide shelter and sustenance to them. The medical stream also tries to involve schemes that dole out free surgeries to the poor and providing medicines free of cost. And there are cases of entire nations coming together to shelter war-torn immigrants and making sure they have a smooth transition back to a healthy life. It is extremely crucial to realize that we humans are the support systems for each other. If humanity doesn’t come together to help its fellow kind, then it is indeed a bleak future.

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