For many, distance education is a boon. To maintain a job and an earning alongside a personal education seems to be something that is not only difficult but also impossible simply due to time constraints. Being stuck at a certain degree appears to detrimental even to the work people do because it doesn’t allow promotions and often become stagnant with no prospects for an improving future. Now, whatsoever, the reasons it becomes difficult for many to attend a regular University.

The answer naturally is in the form of long-distance education. Long-distance education implies the fact that students can continue to pursue their education without being present on the campus. That way, they may continue to work or stay at home and get an education alongside. Classes may take place through audio-visual systems online. It does not depend on face-to-face interaction or any form of physical presence. It naturally saves time and effort to travel.

S.V. University hence looks into the field of long-distance education and works out a curriculum that allows students to benefit from an education that doesn’t need their presence on the field. The course was introduced in 1972. Presently, the Directorate of Distance Education offers B.Sc, B.A, B.Com B.L.I.Sc., B.Ed Diploma in Industrial Relations. The courses may be regular or in the form of open courses. That is the student’s choice. It also offers courses of higher education such as that of post-graduate courses  M.A. and M.Sc, M.Com, MBA.

Interestingly it even includes subjects such as Counselling, Hospital and Health care, Journalism, and Mass Communication. In a considerably different span of subjects, it offers courses in dress-designing and Garment-making. Sv University follows a certain set of objectives. It believes in the fact that there is a vast number of people who have been deprived of higher education beforehand, and this would be their way of completing their education and their dreams. It further talks of providing professionalism and efficiency to those who appear as in-service candidates.

It believes in the fact that there are various challenges in the new-age global era, and this would become any student’s means to deal with those challenges. It offers an extensive scheme of options to choose from. This way, the youth works amidst options and continues to go ahead with what they couldn’t have done due to whatsoever constraints. What appears to be extremely important for everyone, especially for people who are economically backward or ill-founded is the amount invested. The university hence provides cheaper education in comparison to many others.

Sri Venkateswara University situated in Tirupati, established in 1954 has a sprawling campus of 1000acres. Located in the temple city of Tirupati, it even gives the students a splendid view of the hills. Despite the faculty and the campus, it provides it considers distance education of utmost importance and strives to improve the department for the forever challenging needs of more competitive and diverse fields where people are beset with endless difficulties. Its long-distance education system is hence of immense value to the gen-world.

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