Swiss Hotel Management School

Swiss Hotel Management School

The Swiss Hotel Management is the largest hotel management school located in Switzerland with the main emphasis being laid on its completely English curriculum. SHM provides a well-rounded hotel management program with various courses that have a lot of international prevalence along with a good internship program to throw light on the industry and practical knowledge. The school provides a postgraduate and master’s degree in hotel management apart from a variety of other programs. The main motto of the Leylin campus was changed in a controversy ensuring the usage of the term university which is a protected terminology in Switzerland. It was later changed to the center of excellence.

SHMS is owned by the Swiss Education Group, which is an investment of the Invision Private Equity fund which showed an interest in investing in SHMS in 2008. SHMS has a rather important historical influence with the campus at Caux Palace being one of the largest hotels back in its day. The main motto of SHMS is to combine practical knowledge with managerial skills to develop the best possible way to cater to client requests. It offers a 2-year long undergraduate program in Hotel Operational Management and 2.5 years for an undergraduate program in both Hospitality Management and Hospitality and Event Management. It also has a variety of masters programs and posts graduate programs.

The Swiss Hotel Management School has seen its share of changes in the past, starting from its establishment in 1992 as SHMS is a private hotel management school in Les Paccots. In 1995 it took the huge move to Caux Palace now in present-day Montreux. 1998 heralded its partnership with the University of Derby offering a variety of postgraduate and master programs. 2001 saw the Swiss Hotel School Association recognizing the Swiss Hotel Management School with a complete accreditation. In 2004 the SHMS acquired the Mont Blanc Palace and Belvedere Hotel in Leysin and opening up operations at the Leysin campus. In 2006 this led to the revalidation of the programs run in partnership with the University of Derby. New programs included were that Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts. In 2011 it launched the Master of International Business in Resort and Spa management program. It also introduced a rather novel idea of opening up a student-run spa at the Leysin center to provide students with hands-on experience. In 2012 the school was awarded the Swiss eduQua qualification award and translated to the opening of a student-run restaurant which was made open to the public. In 2013 it launched the Masters of Science in International Hospitality Management program.

If you are a hotel management enthusiast and are looking for suitable schools to up your ante, then SHMS is an excellent bet. Not only does it provide one with a unique global exposure but also prepares one with an excellent skill set which proves to be invaluable in the long run especially when it comes to managing and running one’s establishment. The tie-ups with various international universities also provide a bigger picture.

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