The Whole Purpose of Education is to Turn Mirrors into Windows

The Whole Purpose of Education is to Turn Mirrors into Windows

It is highly plausible that one has stumbled upon this well-renowned quote stated by Sydney J Harris. This is a full quote and can often be interpreted in a multitude of ways. One of how this can be perceived can be the whole new world that education opens up to a person who has not been touched by the hand of knowledge. An uneducated person often sees the reflection of himself and his soul on something like a mirror, and he would take decisions solely based on what he makes out of that reflection.

For any person who wants to break down the world around him, looking into his soul is the first step. Education is the tool that helps one realize where they stand coming to the purview of society. Without education, it is almost impossible to develop the skills needed to introspect and come to conclusions about one. Education is also a very dynamic process and never reaches a stage of stagnation. Education also helps to encompass far beyond their tiny bubble of insignificance and transforms one into a rational living being.

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Education can also be defined as opportunities and new avenues that could represent something of a mirror. Education also opens up a unique array of choices for decision making, which the uneducated people often cannot perceive. The mirror is used here as a representation of one’s soul, and its innermost thoughts and ideologies. Education is not only something that is restricted to academic knowledge and a formal system of schooling but rather something that is substantially more deep-rooted. Recent times have labeled education as more of a means of procuring degrees after degrees, but it is more centered on knowledge.

Education opens up the mind and allows avenues of thought to take place, not to mention the knowledge that helps one introspect and reach a direction in which they would like to base their lives on. Our society perhaps one of the best examples portraying the importance of education and the massive change that it can bring about. Misogyny, racism, religious tussles, and all manner of unlawful activities could be attributed to the lack of education. Many universities can be deemed unfit in terms of educating the youth if they solely emphasize the materialistic comforts that bookish knowledge can provide.

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Societies today have helped shape children and needless to say societies do have a critical role when it comes to creating a holistic approach for kids. One of the biggest reasons that contributed to the growth of the community and our ideologies can be attributed to education. It has eradicated age-old customs and superstitions that had no cause to exist rather than acting as a hindrance to development. It is quite disheartening to admit that in recent years there has been a lot of change in the paradigm of education, wherein it has become more of a criterion to crack job applications and interviews rather than pursuing knowledge.

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