Top 10 Mass Communication Colleges In India

Top 10 Mass Communication Colleges In India

Mass communications as a major subject have become a field of massive admiration with its massive audience. Looking out for a career in mass communications? Here is a list of the top 10 colleges in India. This includes the dawn of boosted viewership, the power of social media and news websites. According to a report obtainable co-operatively by FICCI and KPMG in 2015, the Indian media sector was growing at an annual rate of nearly 14%the need for quality mass communication courses in understandable. Though there are plenty of institutions proposing majors in mass communication, their quality and acceptability in the jobs market remain suspect.

Moreover recruitment quality issues, there is an additional problem which is slowly beginning in the media industry. While monetary gains may have augmented the media sector’s standing, there hasn’t been a concurrent increase in journalistic canons.

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Thus, the future of journalism and mass communications in our country is placed evenly on the shoulder of the quality of media studies in colleges and universities. Many students are picking mass communication courses after 12th to grovel them completely into the media zone.


Asian College of Journalism (Chennai)

  • It offers Broadcast Journalism and New Media, Print Journalism, Radio Journalism, and Television Journalism.

Indian Institute of Mass Communication (New Delhi)

  • It offers to specialize in Advertising and Public Relations, Journalism, Radio and TV Journalism.


  • It offers a degree in mass communications with future placements and exposure.

Xavier Institute of Communications. (Mumbai)

  • The key factors of this institute are that it gives industry exposure, affordability, and college perception and student quality.

Deviprasad Goenka Management College of Media Studies. (Mumbai)

  • It offers Sound Engineering, Cinematography and Digital Film Making Acting.

Indian Institute of Journalism (Bangalore)

  • It offers a variety of disciplines containing Print Journalism, Photo Journalism, Radio Journalism, Television Journalism, Development Communication, Communication Research, Advertising, and Public Relations.

Madras Christian College (Chennai)

  • It offers Journalism, Mass Communication, Visual Communication, and Business Administration

Masters in Mass Communication

St. Xaviers College (Mumbai)

  • It offers specialization in advertising and Journalism.

Film and Television Institute of India (Pune)

  • It offers a great background to study and have a career in filming and television acting.

Times School of Journalism (New Delhi)

  • The program designed to be a top-of-the-line course enables students to learn the art of reporting, writing, editing, designing, scripting, programming, etc.

It would be a great future for those who indulge their interest and their precious time in mass communications as a future as said above, in a world of Whatsapp and Instagram. Why not make a career out of what you do take pleasure in doing every day. Mass communication provides a lot of subfields to go into so you need not worry as the cultural and social mass would never let the communication stop. Go ahead and choose your favorable institute!

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