Tourist Guide Course

Tourist Guide Course

A tourist guide job is a very enjoyable and demanding job. The tourist guide has to maintain the cultural traditions and heritage of the place. A tourist guide has to make a place aesthetically attractive to the viewers; it is a very important job of tourists to persuade the curiosity of first-time viewers/tourists.
Tourist guides should be friendly and should possess the ability to hold on to people, good communication skills, should know different languages, should possess all the significant knowledge about the historical and tourist destination. Tourist guides must be tolerant and should be aware of up to date knowledge of available amenities and services in the field.

Travel and Tourism Jobs

There are three different types of Courses in the Tourist guide.

Degree Courses

The duration of these courses is three years; candidates can go for these courses after completion of the 12th.

  • B.A. in Arts
  • B.A. in History
  • B.A. in Tourism
  • B.A. in Hospitality
  • BBA in Management
  • B.A. in Archaeology

Tourism Courses in India

Diploma Courses

The duration of this course is one to two years, after finishing the 12th class.

  • Diploma in Hospitality management
  • Diploma in Hospitality services
  • Diploma in Revenue accounting and control
  • Diploma in Travel and tourism consultant
  • Diploma in Travel sales and operations
  • Diploma in Foundation in travel and tourism

Certificate Courses:

The duration of this course is one to two years, after finishing the 12th class.

  • Travel and Tourism Professional (TTP)
  • Certified Training Professional (CTP)

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