Travel and Tourism in India

Travel and Tourism in India

Tourism in India is a crucial part of the country’s economy. It is growing rapidly. Tourism has generated 9.2% of Indias GDP and created 8.1% of its total employment in the year 2018 according to The World Travel and Tourism Council. An estimated 10 million foreign tourists arrived in India in 2017 which is a growth of 15.6% from the previous year with 8.89 million foreign tourists arriving in 2016. Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jaipur are the most tourism attractive places in India with Delhi sitting at 28th position worldwide in the number of tourist arrivals.

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The reason for tourism being such an integral part of the Indian economy has to do with the fact that many tourists are attracted to India because of its lavish landscapes and uniquely diverse culture. Many foreigners claim that each and every street in India feels like a different country but somehow something connects all the various cultures together. The Ministry of Tourism in India designs national policies for the development and promotion of tourism.

India requires citizens of most countries to hold a valid passport and apply for a travel visa before they visit. A Protected Area Permit or PAP is required to visit the states of Nagaland and Sikkim and some parts of Arunachal Pradesh. A Restricted Area Permit or RAP is required to enter the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and some parts of Sikkim. Special permits are needed to visit the Lakshadweep islands. These are implemented for various reasons including national security.

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Tourism in India is only going to increase due to improvements in the availability of tickets and a fast and easy transition. Many hotels also offer deals to attract customers. Apart from international tourists, Indian tourists have also increased in number. Apart from job seekers who move across India for various jobs, many people traverse inside India too. The number of people traveling across India has also increased. The travel is mostly by train and by air. There have been huge advancements in the ways Indians travel across state lines.

Many tourist attractions such as Red Fort are also visited by Indians from other states. India is a diverse country and hence the geopolitical and cultural landscapes differ from state to state. So, many Indians travel across states to taste the different flavors of India. One of the main reasons for high International tourists is also the fact that India offers very high diversity and is very digitally forward in the tourism sector. The jobs are also ever-growing and there seems to be no stop to the growth of tourism in India.

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