Travel and Tourism Jobs in India

Travel and Tourism Jobs in India

India is a diverse country right from its food to culture. It has a unique range of people. It has a unique past of traders, conquests, and invaders. They have proved to be both good and bad for India Its reign and regime by travelers and traders, be it the Mughals or the Colonies, has led to the growth of various touristy spots for generations to explore.

All in all, it provides and proves to be a great place for travel and tourism.

It is one of the industries that is quickly catching up along with the pulse of the millennials. In older day travel jobs were limited to travel shows and columnists. Whereas in today’s time we have varied options to pick and choose from.

Tourism Courses in India

  1. YouTuber: This is no mystery. After pursuing a degree or diploma in travel and tourism, you can open up your own YouTube channel to explore and go around the world. Indians are known to be their love for travel. So a nicely well-edited travel video can bring in a lot of brands onboard for you. Thus it will help you be a travel YouTuber as your career option.
  2. Cabin crew/Ground staff/Airhostess/Air host: if you are someone with an interest to travel around the world. After persuasion of your degree, you can apply for the post of a cabin crew and make a career in aviation.
  3. Travel Writer: once you decide to pursue a career in travel and tourism you are expected to have a wide knowledge of geography and topography. Once you master the art of writing you can be hired by various travel magazines or columns. You can put on your creative caps and write about various places and spots for others to read and explore too. You can also set up your personal travel blog.
  4. Travel Photography and Editor: if you have a sense of editing and photography. You will be hired by various companies to be the beholder for others via short films or films to showcase videos for others.
  5. Travel show host: this is perhaps the most well known of all. You get to be a host and explore various parts of the country and world for others to inform about varied cultures and practices.

Travel and Tourism Course

  1. Researcher: After pursuing your degree in travel you can join various think tanks to bring forth various socio-political problems for society to understand. Your job will range from survey to finding a solution to fix the problem to prevent further menace for others.
  2. Entrepreneur: If you want to be a travel entrepreneur you can always set up your own business with the right amount of experience and exposure. Your job can range from organizing long city walks to travel of various States around.
  3. Personnel guide: You can work in a company as a personnel or manager. Your job will range from making listicles to executing a day’s plan properly as per the client’s demand or your senior’s agenda. You might also have to narrate various facts and history to your clients while going for a city walk.

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  1. Public Relations Personnel: you can also go on to work as a PR personnel. Your job will range presentations about distinct places. Even as a PR, you have to pitch your ideas to bring on board sponsors and clients to efficiently run a company.

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