Travel and Tourism Syllabus

Travel and Tourism Syllabus

Travel and tourism are nowadays becoming a trend as a course. Most of the colleges in India have this as a UG course. Travelling is one right where he/she can get to know what tiny places they can occupy in this world. To travel is to live, one can find an apt place for him/her to survive with the same kind of people through traveling. Most people who are in love with nature, love to travel. Travel and tourism courses mainly cover topics such as tourist resort planning, environment, food service management, etc. according to consumers’ needs and want.

Travel and Tourism Course

There are also diploma courses in travel and tourism. One must complete his/her 12th grade with at least a minimum of 50% in the total aggregate. Admissions for these courses are done through counseling after clearing the entrance test. The tuition fees for this is average, but one gets a lot of experiences and immense opportunities through this. One gets so many benefits by holding a degree in travel and tourism. Firstly, he/she gets Global Opportunities, careers in travel and tourism are also among the fastest-growing areas of employment all over the world. Students pursuing these get opportunities to go abroad and study as well as work, the jobs out there are plentiful. Secondly, a degree in travel and tourism brings in Transferable.


Students get to learn about business management, marketing, Human Resources(HR), cross-cultural awareness etc¦if one loses his/her job she will definitely have another path to work in any other field. Therefore, this course gives immense opportunities like you can have three to four backups if you lose one. Finally, pursuing travel and tourism is A FUN, people pursuing this course will always be smiling and having a great time, its because when you get exposed to new things and meeting new/different kinds of people, helping them and making them smile, is what your job will be if someone smiles just because of you, you will automatically smile by seeing their smile after all smile is a symbol of love and thanks, that costs not even a penny.

Travel and Tourism Courses

The syllabus in this consists of more than ten subjects; these are very useful ones. Students will be trained both theoretically and practically as to what is to be done, and that requires a NO.NO.


  • Communication skills
  • Fundamentals of Tourism
  • Accounting
  • Tour operations
  • Public Relations
  • Cultural History
  • The Heritage of India
  • Tourism Policy and Law
  • Management
  • Marketing, Tourism Marketing
  • Travel Agency Training
  • Tour Guiding Skills and Training
  • HR Management
  • Computer Language and applications.
  • Office Management and Functions
  • Air Ticketing.

There are so many jobs available for one if he/she pursues travel and tourism. He/she can be a travel agency staff, travel and tourism consultant, travel agent, travel operator, entrepreneur, tour guide, customer service management, event management, tour management, etc.

Tourism Courses in India

To conclude, travel and tourism are one of the most fun fledged and a lively job which anyone can pursue. It’s not only fun-filled but also futuristic, which gives immense opportunities to lead a wonderful life.

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