Types of Advertising Media

Advertising is all around us. Wherever one can look, there is always some kind of advertisements there. Be it newspapers, TVs, social media, banner, even some cafes, advertising has become common everywhere. There are loads of companies advertising for more customers, for telling about their new products, for getting a bigger share of the market. There is lots of space for advertising. There are many strategies companies use to advertise. To make people buy a certain product isn’t an easy task but advertisers have evolved so much that a lot of them know what people want and how they can use it to sell a product.
As companies have increased, the fight for a good share in their respective markets is getting very tough. Advertising has always been a way to get people to buy a product. So, it is obvious that advertising is a very crucial part of any company’s operation. Marketing through advertising is very crucial for any company. There are lots of ways one can go about advertising something.

The top ways of advertising are:

  1. Newspapers and Magazines
    This is the most known form of advertising and also probably one of the oldest. Newspapers have been around for centuries and they were the only way to know about the current affairs for a long time. Back then, newspaper advertisements were the go-to. With the start of magazines, advertisers covered that avenue too. Newspapers have been go-to for advertising for a long time and even now, many agencies use newspaper ads to advertise products.
  2. Radio and Television
    Back when the radio was invented, people used to listen to it a lot. Then, advertisers saw an opportunity as a lot of people started tuning into radios. Even now, radio advertisements are plenty. Later when television came around, it opened many doors. It was a whole new level of entertainment. People are hooked to televisions. They used to spend a lot of time on it. Advertisements can now be in the video and this meant a lot of things. Even today, radio and television are one of the most used media for advertising.
  3. Internet
    The latest media of all is the internet. Everyone has a mobile or a computer with them. People are hooked to their small smartphones. Advertisements have become plenty with the advent of the internet. This meant that one could potentially advertise for longer periods of time in almost anything, be it online games, blogs, software, anything! The Internet is the place where ad space is cheap and is very useful as it gets a lot of viewership. It has proved to be a very powerful advertising medium.
  4. Direct mail
    This is probably the most under the appreciated type of advertising media there is. Companies directly send emails to potential customers to advertise their products. Direct mail has been around for a while and is still used. With platforms such as Gmail, direct mail is still extensively used as an advertising media.
  5. Outdoor advertising
    This is by far the oldest form of advertising. Even before there were newspaper ads, there were banners and cut-outs of business advertising their products. Outdoor advertising is very costly as it needs physical space. But, outdoor advertising is still used all around the world.

These are the 5 most used advertising media. There are many more media used to advertise but the above five are the go-to options for many. All the options have their advantages and drawbacks but the type of advertising a firm chooses relies heavily on the people they target and also the budget.

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