Types of Animation

Types of Animation

We’ve all marveled at the fantastic animation present in many recent movies and video games. Some of us have ever wondered how we have come this far to create an animation that is so close to the life that we can’t even distinguish sometimes. Digital animation has come a very long way. From humble beginnings as playing with magnetic tape to modern, sophisticated software that allows animators to create marvelous images. Animation has improved rapidly in the past decade. The demand for close to life animation is very high as many video games, and animated movies are trying to approach this level. Many talented animators are trying to achieve reality through animation, and there are many ways to do so.

There are many different types of animation. The most famous and commonly used ones are:

  1. 2D animation
    Although now a days 2D animations have become a sort of obsolete, in the early stages, 2D animation was used the most. 2D animation was a huge step in the evolution of animation. From the years 1990 to 2000, 2D animation was at its peak. Animated shows such as the south park, which is a classic TV animated show, used 2D animation. 2D animation was used for many video games like Mario. Even the early days of the internet saw loads of 2D animation. Even early internet games were 2D. Many classic video games are in 2D. These days, 2D animation is used mostly in colleges to teach the basics but it is still used in some places.
  2. Traditional animation
    Traditional animation is the first form of animation. In this, the animation is achieved through hand-drawn pictures and cel animation. One example is creating pictures of things changing over time on multiple pages and quickly rolling over the pages to achieve the animation. Traditional animation is not used much these days but it has laid the foundation for modern-day computer animation.
  3. Computer animation
    Computer animation includes a wide range of techniques but in essence, is an animation that is digitally created using any computer. It came into use in the 1990s and has been the go-to ever since. It is more controllable than traditional animation and itself has many different types in it.
  4. 3D animation
    The most revolutionary type of animation in 3D. There are many forms of 3D animation too but in essence, 3D animation conceives a 3-dimensional reality where everything is made as an animation. 3D animation is everywhere. It is what we see in movies, CGI, video games, etc. 3D animation aims to recreate reality in ways one can think of. Although we aren’t at a level of completely duplicating reality, we are very close. The advances in 3D animation have been amazing and only seem to increase.
  5. Stop motion animation
    This is the most creative form of animation that doesn’t use much of computers. Stop motion animation is the art of animating by taking individual pictures of still scenes as they change in time. Then, all of these images are played as a video to create animation. Stop motion is very hard to create but is very popular.
    These are the most popular forms of animation. There are many more, but the most popular is the above. The career for animators is booming and is always going to. New technologies enter the arena every month, and it is crucial for animators to keep up as this is a field where nothing is permanent. Things keep changing. A lot of new styles of animation crop up very fast too.

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