Types of Cyber Security

Types of Cyber Security

Cybersecurity deals with securing and protecting digital devices from leakage of information. Cybersecurity is crucial because, in the modern world, almost every person has a digital device such as a smartphone with them, every single incident is recorded somewhere, be it on the web or private servers. In such times, the security of information is very crucial as low-security systems might even result in the collapse of companies. There is a lot of demand for cybersecurity professionals around the world and it is only expected to rise.

There are many types of cybersecurity. The most famous ones are:

  • Application Security
    This deals with the measures taken to tackle threats in the development of an application right from its design to its deployment. There is a need for this as every step in the app development process creates new challenges and it is best to tackle them one by one. The techniques used in this include user authentication, session management, etc.


  • Information Security
    Information systems are everywhere and so is data. Every information system needs security as a leak in one might result in a whole heap of problems for any company. Even governments need information security to protect confidential data that might be crucial to national security. Information security requires a good grasp of different hacking techniques and information theory.


  • Disaster Recovery
    Anything can happen to servers of digital devices that can be caused by external factors. Natural disasters could wipe out almost all the information on servers but with security embedded in, tools that allow recovery of data become crucial and are needed in virtually any server.


  • Website Security
    Almost everything on a website needs to be secure as if hackers can manage to breach a single part, they can potentially hack the whole site. Everything from card transactions to user details could be at risk and website security becomes crucial. There are lots of web attacks that hackers employ to hack websites. Knowledge of these attacks and their countermeasures is crucial to building better and secure websites.


  • Network Security
    A network is a connection of multiple digital devices. The internet itself is a network, in fact, it is the largest network in the world. Almost every company or organization has its own private network that is used to store and share information within various teams and branches of the organization. Even governments have networks through which data is transmitted from one part of the government to the other. Network security is crucial as many things could go wrong in setting up a network because of its vast size. A network isn’t just software or hardware but the usage of both in sync. Hence, networks must be closely monitored and kept in high security always because breaching of a network is very bad for any organization.
    The above are the most popular and important fields in cybersecurity. With the advent of new technologies, new fields in cyber securities are created. So, a cybersecurity professional must stay up to date on new technologies and new scopes for cybersecurity. It is a very fluid field and is ever-changing.

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