Types of Psychology

Types of Psychology

Psychology refers to a scientific study of the human mind/brain and its functions. It also includes the study of conscious and unconscious phenomena. One who pursues psychology will be having immense scope and opportunities. The basic types in psychology include abnormal conditions, biological, cultural, cross-cultural, evolutionary, experimental, mathematical, and neuropsychology. Applied psychology includes applied behavior analysis, clinical, community, consumer, etc.


  1. The Assessment 
  2. Short-term Help
  3. Taking Maximum care
  4. Goal Setting
  5. Therapy


  1. Psychologist’s main job is to take tests and assessments to diagnose the condition of the mental health for a patient. These tests and assessments will help to get a basic understanding of one’s connection between their thoughts and feelings and it becomes easy to find as to what will be the cause behind the problem.
  2. Some people get diagnosed with psychologists to get rid of traumatic life experiences. Psychologists can help those people on a short-term basis to get them out of their traumatic experiences.
  3. Psychologists also offer long-term counsel to those who are affected/suffering from more chronic mental health disorders. In this case, psychologists take a lot of care to those people like meeting the patients once a week or every two weeks to get reviews and to improve them.
  4. One of the main jobs that a psychologist should possess is to help new patients to set goals for treatment. By doing this psychologist helps the patient go back to his/her normal life.
  5. Therapy is the primary treatment that is offered by the psychologist. Psychotherapy includes individual, couple, family, or group sessions. The psychologist helps in bringing them back to a normal life.
    These are the five responsibilities that a person should possess if he/she wants to become a psychologist.


There are different types of psychology, few, and the main important ones are mentioned below.

  • CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY: – Clinical psychology is scientific theory and practice in order to understand the problem. It promotes adaptation, adjustment, and personal development. A clinical psychologist concentrates on the emotional and psychological aspects of human performances. Psychological assessments and psychotherapy are the two main central parts and practice of clinical psychology.
  • COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY: – Cognitive psychology indicates the interior mental process like the problem of memory or solving etc. It concentrates on how people think, communicate, remember, and learn. Practical applications here mainly include how to improve memory power.
  • DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY: – It is a systematic scientific study of psychological changes that a person experiences in a course of time. It not only focuses on adults but also on the children.
  • EVOLUTIONARY PSYCHOLOGY: – Evolutionary psychology mainly concentrates on how something has changed a human’s behavior. It is a theoretical approach in the social and natural sciences that examines psychological structure from a modern evolutionary perspective.
  • HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY: – Health psychology is also called medical psychology. It notices how the behavior of someone influences illness. A psychologist will first look at the biological cause of disease and focuses on that person and what influences their health.
  • SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY: – Social psychology uses the scientific methods to understand how society has an impact on human behavior. A social psychologist looks at group behavior and social perception.

Psychology is a fascinating field with several facts to engage in, this is a place where you will find yourself because by studying in this field you will come to know more about you through the courses offered. Even though you get immense opportunities, its not that easy to pursue this course, you must undergo so many difficult situations while pursuing this course.


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