Video Advertising

Video Advertising

Often we fall prey to a famous jingle that is used in the backdrop of an advertisement. Or a powerful image of an advertisement that refuses to leave our mind.

All these are tools for Advertisement.

  • Video advertisement is nothing but a display of advertisements with a video.
  • Now with various technological development, advertisers are bound to cut advertisements according to varied mediums and real-time consumers.
  • For an advertisement that comes before a show or posts, a show is known as a linear advertisement. These advertisements are presented with a timing of 30 seconds to one minute. Herein the presenters have the luxury of time to deliver a message or sell a product. It is regarded as advertisements that have occurred before or after.
  • Non-Linear Advertisements, it runs parallel or concurrent with a video that runs. Like for example Facebook advertisements that come along while video runs. They run for about five to fifteen seconds. Herein as well the task remains the same, which is to deliver the required agenda behind a display of the video.

The third type is the companion advertisements. It is like a display advertisements. It runs along with the video. Although it appears to be stickers and placards, wherein, in reality, it is about running a video advertisement.

Video advertisement has various formats. It includes tools like pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll. The presenters have to display or cut advertisements keeping in mind the timings assigned for the display of a video. Video advertisements also run in parallel to display advertisements and real-time bidding. The real-time bidding also acts as a medium for revenue. Perhaps this is the reason why Facebook paid estimated 400 million dollars to acquire live area revenue whilst running video advertisements

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