Vocational Courses After 12th

Vocational Courses After 12th

The courses which are majorly a diversion from the regular syllabi of the streamlined courses are Vocational courses. These courses are solitarily non-academic and are specific trade-in nature, and they are precisely profession-oriented or vocation centric. These are the courses that digress from the norm and offer the skills which are a necessity for a particular profession. In our regular academic courses, we majorly indulge ourselves in a theoretical pattern, but these courses are structured in a manner that accelerates to provide application-based learning with a bit of theoretical aspect.

The right time for perusing any vocational course is right after their 10th standard or after their 12th standard. In this article, we will be majorly dealing with the vocational courses after 12th standard. The vocational courses and degrees are available in various career fields, and they can opt for a long period as well as short vocational courses aka diploma, degree, or certificate courses.

Catering Management

  • One of the biggest and largest thriving industry is the food industry, which will never run out of capital in the long run. Especially, in a country like India where festivals and ceremonies are never-ending, catering is one of the important fields which people opt for, as it takes care of the major aspect of food. 
  • Beauty Course: If food doesn’t run out of time, beauty is another major glam sector that shows no sign of running out of the industry. There is never an age bar to give a kick start to this sector, and as people are becoming so conscious about their looks, the beauty industry has seen a spike-like never before. 
  • Public Relations: Public relation is a pivotal part of society. A course developed in communication will never go wrong; it can be verbal, written, or visual. All the companies are not only looking for hard-working candidates but also who are extremely aesthetic in their communication too. In the hopes of a bright career, students are opting for this as a career as, good communication skills don’t only aid you in your professional life, but also one’s personal communication.
  • Gym/ Physical Training Education: Health is an important factor in an individual’s life. People are spending less on fast food and more on gyms, to have a proper shape and fitness. One of the fastest rises among the youth of the country is of a good fitness coach. A candidate who is willing to study for physical education will have to be energetic and physically strong. 
  • Marketing/ Advertisements: In a world full of competitions, there is such tough bull-fight out there in every field, it is necessary to ensure that your company’s products and services stand out. The primary job of marketing is to sell the company’s products to the right clients. 

These are some of the vocational courses which can be pursued after the 12th standard. There are many other options from science, arts, and commerce where a candidate can apply for competitive exams to secure a good future for themselves.

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