Vodafone Scholarships

Vodafone Scholarships

Financing one’s education is never and will never be an easy job in this market of ever-growing prices, even if you are a parent or a student. But the good news is that some people are always there to help some people who value education. And this is where Vodafone (yes the telecommunication giant!) comes in. Searching a scholarship is never easy, leave alone applying to it. Vodafone’s Student Scholarship program brings a list of scholarships, both need-based and merit-based which may be exhaustive for some.

Steps to find the scholarship you need:

Register: Register yourself and also choose the language of your preference.
Complete Profile: like for any other website, you will need to complete your profile. This will help you get scholarships that are tailored to your personal needs. Also completing your profile is compulsory unless you won’t be able to apply to scholarships.
Visit: Visit the scholarships that fulfill your criteria and needs.

Reliance Scholarships

Something for everyone.

  • This scholarship has just something for everyone, whether you are in high school, passed high school, college going or looking for post-graduation or even Ph.D., this program is there to strengthen anyone whos in the pursuit of learning financially.
  • There are scholarships for people who are differently-abled, mentally disabled, or those who have a single parent, especially the mother, among other things. All one has to do is to select their criteria like for what level of education do they want the scholarships, whats their family income like, etc. All these criteria help students find the scholarship that best fits them.

AICTE Gate Scholarship

Completing your profile

  • Once you register, you’ll be taken to the page to complete your profile. The pattern includes general questions just like your name, grade, where you live, and all. Then it also has questions like your family’s annual income, details about your parents and what they do. It also asks if you need a merit-based scholarship (based on academic performance and even artistic and sports talent) or a need-based one and what purpose do you want it for.

Your scholarships await you: After you 100% complete your profile, you can click on My Scholarships, and you’ll find listed all scholarships that fit your criteria.

Visiting the Scholarship sites.

  • The list briefly tells you about the eligibility and the award of each scholarship. If you are interested in any, click, Apply Now. Once you click, there will be all the details about your scholarship, like eligibility, award, deadlines, the important links, and other important information, all sorted out in different sections thus making it easily navigable and also saves the time of reading long passages. There is also an option of getting a Call Back so that you can click it, and they’ll probably get in touch with you. You also have the option of adding the scholarships you like to your favorite list, so it becomes easy for you to access it later on.

Explore more Scholarships

At last, all that can be said is that it is a great platform to help passionate students achieve their dreams. Have good luck searching.

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