Why MBA after Engineering?

Why MBA after Engineering?

Are you done thumbing along with the pages of your engineering textbooks? Are of tired of all the same old technical jabber that has been taking up a substantial amount of mental space? Or are you someone who is simply confused as to what career options, in the long run, will prove to be the best vet for you. Here comes in that ominous three-lettered word that most engineering aspirants in India must have come across at some point in their lives- MBA. So why should you do an MBA? What does an MBA provide that the good old engineering degree cant provide?

India has been notoriously famous for churning out hundreds of thousands of engineering graduates every year. While this provokes very impressive imagery of higher education in the country, it is often disturbing to realize that that the current job market in India is grossly under-equipped to create jobs that would cater to the needs and qualifications of all the engineering graduates. More than 40% of engineering graduates in India are either unemployed or face the common crisis of underemployment- working for a job description that does not completely exploit their potential.

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To stand out from this phenomenon of mass-produced engineers one needs to bring a new and evolved perspective on the table and this is where MBA steps in. While an MBA might be touted as just another post-graduation program, what many people fail to realize that an MBA equips you with sufficient knowledge and skill to not only run a business but also create one of your own. Being very realistic, while technical know-how is essential for the functioning of any industry, at the end of the day the economy is boosted by the money churning out of the mills and not just the technical knowledge. Advancements in technology while being essential, will not feed an economy alone and this is where the capacity to run a business and to make the technology into a commercially feasible option comes in. So how does an MBA contribute to your personality?

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The very spirit of MBA embodies the sentiment of master of all trades, jack of noneĀ. Unlike most technical degrees that restrict your knowhow to mostly one very specific domain, an MBA, on the other hand, will ensure that you get exposed to all the different facets of managing a business. An MBA pushes you to your very limit of perseverance and creativity. The study of business management as a whole is extremely dynamic and there is never a dull phase. Its a constant learning process where innovation and thinking out of the box leads to tremendous successes. An MBA also ensures your people skills get polished to their very best.

One major accomplishment of an MBA graduate is their ability to seamlessly communicate and get their ideas across. Thus an MBA program after engineering will help build an individual with multiple facets and skill sets that would invariably equip them with both technical and business skills and set them apart from their peers.

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