Why Should One Pursue an MBA?

Why Should One Pursue an MBA?

MBA is a Master Of Business Administration. There’s been a splurge in pursuing an MBA degree right after the 1990s. Although there can be a lot of dilemma and apprehensions about whether or not one should pursue an MBA degree, one concludes in agreement that an MBA adds a lot of valor and credit on your resume.

  • Your MBA classes give you something more than what a traditional classroom teaching offers you. It gives you a direction and a cohesive understanding of how the business works. You can go on to build a career in business and management as the name suggests.
  • You get to choose from a series of programs and master your skills. You get to choose from marketing, strategy, corporate segmentation, consulting, accounting, corporate finance, operations, human resource, etc.

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  • You go on to become a people person. The varied classroom methodology teaches you consulting, quality client work, presentation, thus it helps you to be a leader. Your interpersonal skills improve and it helps you to climb the corporate ladder.
  • Although an MBA doesn’t promise you to be a better employee, yet it helps you be one. Because an MBA offers better training, exposure and prepares you for a more competitive environment via case study and methodology, this, in turn, helps you to have a varied thought process.
  • Needless to say, MBA acts as a potential return on investment factor. It either tempts your current employer to hike your salary, or you get a new job. MBA prepares you for top-notch consulting firms. If you are ambitious, your MBA degree acts as a catalyst and shows your way to be a future CEO or CMO.

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  • In case you want to be an entrepreneur your business schools offer you a diverse class of students. It helps you with networking and understanding diversity. The exchange in ideas and thoughts from all over the world is only better for better networking. You can meet your potential investor or business partner while you pursue your MBA degree.
  • MBA primarily is about building a business management career. For some, it is a general second step after graduation. But one needs to know that different business schools offer different programs. You can opt for a one year program or a two-year program. Various countries like the US, UK, Canada, and India offer the best MBA programs, one gets through MBA after qualifying the entrance exam of either CAT or GMAT. It costs you around 16 lakh to 25 lakh in India; and 160k to 200k (USD) for the USA.

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